At Colonial Consulting, we believe that our success is inextricably linked to our clients’ success, and we always put our clients’ needs and long-term goals at the helm. We have an unrelenting commitment to being good citizens of this earth and to helping our clients grow their charitable capital; empowering our clients to do good.


We nurture an environment of the highest level of respect among our colleagues and associates; there are no greater or lesser people. Excellence is paramount, but perfection is not our goal. We embrace mistakes and calculated risks, as these have the potential to enhance the quality of our work far more than our successes alone can ever do.


To us, the who and the why matters. We work harder knowing that our clients are making the world a better place and take pride in being an organization that contributes to the greater good.



Our Vision


Through the pursuit of exceptional long-term investment outcomes, we aspire to enhance the ability of our clients to shape a better world.



Our Mission


Vision: Accelerate philanthropic impact by uniting inspired capital and great investors.
Mission: Leverage capital to inspire philanthropy.



We at Colonial Consulting are committed to help our charitable clients be productive in perpetuity and understand the gravity of that commitment. We consider ourselves an integral contributor to our clients’ investment management process, pledging to support all of our clients as we assist in stewarding their capital.


We acknowledge the risk tolerance of our clients, their specific objectives and missions, and employ the considerable resources at our disposal to deliver a highly tailored investment strategy focused on ensuring growth and longevity. We embrace intelligent, considered risk based on our outstanding research, but always maintain prudent judgment.



At Colonial, intelligent and inquisitive minds exchange ideas in an environment that values intellectual capital. We’re willing to take a deep dive into research so that we can make informed and confident recommendations to our clients. Firmly stationed at the center of an elite exchange of information and knowledge, we are dedicated to exploring, unearthing information, and making good judgments that deliver returns.


Exhaustive in our research to evaluate managers, we take seriously our commitment to assist our clients. We want to be good partners to both our clients and the managers we select, so we inform ourselves as completely as possible. Because our gaze toward the future is not limited to financial health alone, we look for managers whose interests align with the ethos of our clients’ missions and philosophies, embracing SRI and ESG principles whenever possible.



We consider ourselves a key resource for our clients. We are committed to providing outstanding responsiveness and offer an unwavering commitment to monitoring and helping to facilitate financial success. We make it a priority to know our clients well, anticipate their needs, and deliver high-quality, accurate, and easily digestible information and financial reporting.


Through our detailed and comprehensive reporting, we ensure our clients are aware of the key performance drivers and the important portfolio metrics to enable well-informed decisions as we strive to deliver investment excellence.

Client Services


We don’t succeed unless our clients do. We believe the necessary extension of this premise is to do our part to ensure that success, supporting our clients so that they can fulfill their missions. From the basic to the sophisticated, our Client Services team stands ready to offer our experience, knowledge, and resources to deliver customized solutions to help our clients accomplish their investment goals.


Individualized attention is an integral part of the exceptional standard of client services we seek to provide in all client transactions, from the most basic investment to complex operational shifts. We demand of ourselves focused attention to detail and follow-through. No request is too great, no job is too small; our client services team stands ready to deliver unfailing attention and support.

IT/Business Solutions


Integrated and forward thinking, our Business Solutions team strives to keep us on the cutting edge when it comes to data management, aggregation, security, and technology. We are constantly working to evolve our data gathering and reporting processes to provide better, more useful information for our clients while always ensuring credibility and transparency.


Our innovative reporting and benchmarking programs allow us to evaluate and translate copious amounts of raw data efficiently and seamlessly into meaningful reporting for our internal teams and clients alike. We embrace the challenge of providing better information in a more usable format and are relentless in the pursuit of modern solutions to meet our clients’ needs.