Our Differentiating Characteristics

We believe we can add value by leveraging our experience in working with institutional investors. Our firm is solely focused on helping organizations achieve long-term investment results that exceed their benchmarks. Achieving this objective demands a highly selective and patient process for developing an asset allocation strategy and choosing investment managers.


Our differentiating characteristics are:

  • We are always willing to take a strong, specific and well justified stance in terms of the most effective ways to manage assets. A key aspect of our work is to ensure that clients understand the various options available and the positive and negative characteristics of each. This generally provides a framework for debate and allows clients to reach timely, well reasoned conclusions.
  • We take advantage of the opportunities to spend time with top investment managers and are able to participate in discussions regarding market opportunities or risks at any point in time. We strongly believe that relatively static but well diversified asset allocation strategies are best. However, there is no question that markets periodically create opportunities for tactical shifts. We seek to help clients evaluate both their long-term positioning and current market opportunities.
  • The depth of our process and its intentional focus away from return information frequently helps our clients avoid the mistake of terminating talented managers during periods of what will later be understood to be temporary problems. It can also help our clients avoid or eliminate managers who have little more to offer other than their track record.
  • The stability of our firm allows individual consultants to serve a client consistently through time.
  • We have been extremely effective at helping our clients achieve long term investment success.