About Us

Colonial Consulting, LLC ® was founded in May of 1980 with the intention of providing investment advisory services primarily for not-for-profit institutions. We have maintained this objective during the past 30 years and approximately 90% of client assets are held by endowments or foundations. As a result, our firm is structured to specifically work with the requirements and challenges of these institutions. We are not affiliated with any other company and have no other lines of business: 100% of our revenues come from our consulting clients.

Our Mission as Investment Consultants

For more than thirty years, Colonial Consulting’s primary goal has been to serve as an effective investment advisor to its clients. Our efforts are focused on a number of areas and are driven by the deeply rooted philosophy that we exist to serve clients and that their success defines our own.


Returns – Our clients are involved in a number of critically important areas such as fighting poverty and disease, education, enhancing opportunities for the disenfranchised and funding the arts to name a few. Providing exceptional investment advice, as measured by long term rates of return, enhances each client’s long term ability to achieve their charitable mission.


Information Quality – We seek to provide accurate, timely and unbiased information as these attributes foster overall confidence in investment strategies that are not effective at every point in time but are likely to succeed over longer periods.


Customized Advice – Our focus on serving clients demands that we address the specific needs of each rather than forcing client concerns into the universe of knowledge that we may already possess. As such, we continually seek to improve not just our knowledge of various investment strategies but also to enhance our understanding of the specific issues that face individual non-profit institutions.


Focus on Client Services – We always strive to place our client interests ahead of our own.


Historically, we have been fortunate to serve as investment advisor to a broad array of charitable institutions with some relationships spanning more than two decades. Yet, many of our clients have objectives that are perpetual in nature, a characteristic that demands continual evolution on our part.


Achieving a challenging set of objectives can only happen with the presence of a talented and motivated group of professionals working towards a set of common goals. In that regard, we are proud of what has been built to date while also remaining keenly aware of how much more can be done to serve clients in an increasingly complex investment climate.